A loft conversion is a perfect opportunity to gain some much-needed space and increase the value of your property. Having a loft conversion can be a relatively pain-free process if you get the right people on board. So if you are thinking of taking on the project yourself, SkyLofts would encourage you to think again. Even the most avid DIY fanatic would benefit from the support of a reputable loft conversion company. So below we have put together 10 good reasons why it is best to hire a professional:

1. Rules and Regulations 

Loft conversions are subject to a complex system of regulations and permissions. These could have you running from pillar to post if it is not something you do on a regular basis. A reputable loft conversion company will handle all of the administrative duties for you. Which will save you time and give you the peace of mind that your conversion is being carried out within the rules and regulations that apply.

2. Architect

Choosing the right architect to design your loft conversion can be hit or miss. Especially if you do not know the questions you need to be asking. Relying on friends for referrals is not ideal and you will definitely need an architect on board for your project. A respectable loft conversion company will have an architect, either as part of his team or in his list of close contacts. They will know exactly what is required from the architect and may indeed have negotiated lower fees than you could negotiate.

3. Structural Engineer

No matter what type of loft conversion you are planning you will need the services of a structural engineer. The structural engineer’s job is to make sure the alterations that you are planning will not have a detrimental effect on the structure of your home. Like choosing an architect, choosing a structural engineer is not for the faint-hearted and is best left to a reputable loft company who knows what makes a good structural engineer.

4. Ideas

However clear your ideas seem for your loft conversion, it is highly likely that there is something that you will not have thought about. A professional company has been there and converted lofts many times. They will be able to come up with ideas to make your project more effective. Meaning that in turn, the build will be less stressful and more likely to add value to your property. It’s surprising what ideas an external company can bring.

5. Insurance

In the unlikely event that it all goes horribly wrong, if you have chosen a reputable loft conversion company, they will have their insurance to fall back on. If your DIY conversion all goes wrong, you will have no one to turn to but yourself.

6. Costs

In a few cases, the DIY option seems cheaper, but many people forget to take into account the cost of their time. If time is plentiful in your life, that is not such a problem, but most people these days seem to have a shortage of spare time. In addition to saving you the cost of your time, a reputable companies likely to save you money on materials and have your loft conversion completed quicker than normally possible on a DIY basis. All of these add up to meaningful real cost savings and should always be considered.

7. Hassle

There is no getting away from the fact that any major house alteration can be a lot of hassle. If you decide to tackle your loft conversion yourself, you are more than likely to encounter your fair share of hassle. A loft conversion company can remove a good amount of this hassle. Even practical things like hoisting the materials directly into the loft or storing them off-site until they are required can save lots of disruption in your home. Either way, you can be sure the intrusion in your day to day life will be minimised by getting a good team on board.

8. Support

Any DIY enthusiast knows only too well that there are few places lonelier than the middle of a project that is going horribly wrong. Particularly when it impacts on the whole of your household. Working with a loft conversion company means that your project’s planned and organised to meet realistic timescales with your budget taken into consideration. If your loft company comes up with unforeseen problems, they will have the experience, experts, and manpower to sort. So even if you want to do some of the work yourself, make sure you have the support of a loft company behind you if and when you need it.

9. The Finished Article 

Apart from the most exceptional DIY experts, DIY is DIY and professional work is professional work. Nowhere is this difference more evident than in the end result. The finish of a job is what gives it its polish; the finish gives it the quality people remember. Top quality finish is really difficult to achieve on a DIY project. A reputable company will make sure your project is finished to your standards. Making your loft conversion something to be proud of for years to come.

10. Selling Your Home

Finally, an important reason to employ a professional company is the impact that a DIY conversion might have on the future value of your property. If you have converted your loft professionally, it is likely to add significant value to your property. A DIY loft conversion, without all the relevant certificates and guarantees, might just make your property impossible to sell.

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