Loft Ideas

The Top 5 Things to Consider For Your Loft Conversion Design

With a 12.5% average increase on your property sale value, it’s no wonder loft conversions are coming popular over selling your home. Whether it’s your forever home or just for the next few years, loft conversion design is key to making the most out of your investment. SkyLofts have compiled the top 5 loft conversion… Read more

How To Make Your Loft Conversion Look Bigger

In a small space, everything counts and sometimes due to the shape of your loft these rooms can have many nooks and crannies which make your loft rooms appear smaller. SkyLofts have pulled together a few ideas from Pinterest (credit is given where possible to the owners and in now way shows our own work)… Read more

SkyLofts Inspiring Ideas

When it comes to any form of home improvements, inspiration can come from many different sources and when planning a loft conversion this is no exception.  Here are a few of the ways SkyLofts help our customers in getting the inspiration they need to fulfil their loft dreams. MAGAZINES Home and DIY magazines are always a… Read more

Loft Conversion Balcony Windows

Here at SkyLofts most of our customers are now interested in opening up their loft space, even more. Loft conversion balcony windows are a great option and Velux offer two options, the CABRIO Balcony System and the Roof Terrace which increase space and allows for even more sunshine and fresh air in your conversion. Their… Read more

Space Saving Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

Now a days the modern family is constantly changing and growing, with the addition of new family members and changing work practices it is becoming increasingly important for us to have homes that are able to adapt to suit our complex needs and increased belongings. Space is often the biggest issue that confronts homeowners, but… Read more

Fitting a shower enclosure under a sloping ceiling

Having a bathroom in your loft conversions compliments your loft bedroom perfectly and have become an increasingly popular way to add value to your home in recent years.  However, it can sometimes be a difficult process to install a shower enclosure in a loft bathroom because of sloping angles and limited ceiling heights. A few years… Read more

Your Loft Conversion, Natural Light. Naturally Beneficial.

Your loft conversion is a great way to increase the naturally light inside your home. Light has the capability, if used properly, to reveal the true potential of your home. It can help you open up space, which will in turn help to make your house more desirable and have an impact on its value. It… Read more

SkyLofts Top Conversion Tips

1. Do your research: Make sure your loft is suitable for a conversion. There is not much point in putting a load of preparation in only to find out at the last minute that you can’t go ahead. SkyLofts can easily recommend if your property is suitable for a loft conversion. 2. Find the right… Read more

Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

You may have already decided that you want a loft conversion and have the money put aside. But you are undecided as to what you will actually use your extra space for. While adding a loft conversion will always increase value to your home, there is little point in converting your loft if it will… Read more