General Information

Can My Loft Be Converted?

Can my loft be converted? The most important thing to understand before you even begin the steps to convert your loft is understanding if it is suitable for a conversion. We have pulled together a few easy steps to understand if you can convert your loft and gain that extra space you require. Is my loft… Read more

SkyLofts Unwrapped With The Company Director

Stuart – SkyLofts Company Director “I’ve always had a passion for the building industry and enjoyed being involved in loft conversions. So starting up my own company was inevitable and a couple of years ago I decided to create SkyLofts.  At SkyLofts we work together every day striving for excellence. Our fantastic local customer base,… Read more

Why its worth paying extra for a tin hat

The Importance Of A Tin Hat SkyLofts offer a tin hat service that will be able to save you time and maybe money in the long run. It is a temporary roof made of aluminum which is added to the top of the scaffolding, this is used for keeping out the elements that we Brits like to… Read more

Telebeams – The New Bespoke Floor Structure

What are TeleBeams? A telebeam is a strong, telescopic aluminum beam which provides support for the new floor load and existing roof load. How Does It Work? Where roof trusses work on a ‘Load Sharing’ system, TeleBeam extends this concept further by employing two beams to help the truss carry its existing roof load plus… Read more

Your SkyLoft Conversion Checklist

Here at SkyLofts we always ensure our customers have a loft conversion checklist to work with and we felt it only fair to share. Below we have listed the things you should consider when thinking of undertaking a loft conversion. Before The Loft Conversion Work Starts  -First of all you need to check to see… Read more

Loft Conversion Glossary

  At SkyLofts we know that there are many various terms related to loft conversions that you may not be familiar with. We’ve pulled all these together to form a loft conversion glossary of the common terms with an easy to understand explanation that will make you feel more comfortable when speaking with your loft conversion builder. 1…. Read more

Advantages To Using A Loft Conversion Designer

Our Loft Conversion Designers When choosing to convert your loft with us we can also help you design your loft if you have yet to appoint somebody to do so. When working with SkyLofts we have our designers on board at the very early stages of planning. Giving them the opportunity to understand your lifestyle… Read more

SkyLofts Explain The Building Inspector Visits

No matter what your dream loft may be, you will need to make sure that your plans comply with building regulations. Each and every loft conversion needs to be inspected for approval. Either by local authorities Building Control or by independent, regulated building inspector such as Quadrant AI. No matter who is charged with inspecting a… Read more

Loft Conversions Fire Regulations – All You Need To Know

There are many aspects to consider when planning your loft conversion. You should pay a lot of attention to fire safety in your new conversion. Taking the time to deal carefully with this issue could mean the difference between a conversion that meets fire regulations and a conversion that simply fails to meet the required… Read more