General Information

SkyLofts Unwrapped With The Company Director

“I have had a passion for the building industry since I can remember and have always enjoyed being involved in loft conversions, so starting up my own company was inevitable. We are a young company that is full of enthusiasm, everyone in the team is driven and ambitious so we can work together striving for… Read more

SkyLofts Explain the new 2016 Stamp Duty Charges

So What Do The Stamp Duty Land Tax changes for April 2016 Mean? In November 2015 the Government announced in its Spending Review and Autumn its plans to introduce a higher rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) from 1st April 2016 on certain property purchases. So what exactly do you need to know about these April… Read more

How Can a Tin Hat Help You?

SkyLofts offer a tin hat service that will be able to save you time and maybe money in the long run! A tin hat is a temporary roof made of aluminium which is added to the top of the scaffolding, they are used for keeping out the elements that us Brits like to moan about. Tin… Read more

Google Nest Systems Explained

The New Smoke Alarm Protect System by Google: At SkyLofts, the safety of your family is paramount to us, and so have introduced this new system to further protect our clients from dangers within the home. The second-generation Nest Protect includes a “split spectrum sensor,” letting it detect signs of smoke more quickly and allowing… Read more

New Planning Laws 2015

The planning process when converting your loft can be a lengthly and complex procedure depending on the nature of the works. In 2007 the labour government set a target for 240,000 homes to be built per year by 2016, but this has been consistently missed. New legislation has come into place in 2015 offering proposals… Read more

What is a Final Snag Meeting?

Snagging takes place towards the end of your loft conversion, it is a list of imperfections and defects in the quality of the finished work such as decoration niggles. Snag meetings are held with your team leader and you at the end of your experience with SkyLofts to make sure that everything is completed to our… Read more

Your SkyLoft Conversion Check List

Here at SkyLofts we always ensure our customers have a loft conversion checklist to work with and we felt it only fair to share. Below we have listed the things you should consider when thinking of undertaking a loft conversion. Before The Loft Conversion Work Starts  Firstly you need to check to see that your… Read more

Glossary Of Loft Conversion Terms

At SkyLofts we know that there are many various terms related to loft conversions that you may not be familiar with, so we have pulled all these together in a glossary of the common terms with an easy to understand explanation that will make you feel more comfortable when speaking with your loft conversion builder. 1. Loft… Read more

Advantages To Using SkyLofts Designers

When choosing to convert your loft with us we can also help you design your loft if you have yet to appoint somebody to do so. When working with SkyLofts we have our designers on board at the very early stages of planning your loft conversion, giving them the opportunity to understand your lifestyle and… Read more

SkyLofts Explain The Building Inspector Visits

No matter what your dream loft may be, you will need to make sure that your loft plans comply with building regulations. Each and every loft conversion needs to be inspected for approval, either by local authorities Building Control, or by independent, regulated inspectors such as Quadrant AI. No matter who is charged with inspecting a… Read more