General Information

Loft Conversion Cost Saving Tips

With money tight and the property market uneasy at the best of times, a loft conversion can be a good alternative to moving if you need extra space and there are advantages to staying put and extending into the roof: it’s not as disruptive, you don’t have to pay stamp duty, and you may add… Read more

Loft Conversion Balcony Windows

Here at SkyLofts most of our customers are now interested in opening up their loft space, even more. Loft conversion balcony windows are a great option and Velux offer two options, the CABRIO Balcony System and the Roof Terrace which increase space and allows for even more sunshine and fresh air in your conversion. Their… Read more

SkyLofts explains Permitted Development

Permitted Development In 2008, a ‘General Permitted Development Order’ (GPDO 2008) was introduced. This allowed homeowners to carry out certain building works under ‘Permitted Development’ without the need to obtain planning permission. Legally, you do not need to apply to the council for permission for these types of works as long as they satisfy the… Read more

Snagging, First Fix, Second Fix, Confused? Let SkyLofts Explain.

You might have heard of phrases like snagging, first fix and second fix, but what do they actually mean? If it is the first time you’ve been involved in a renovation, then you might have to get used to some new jargon. You will soon notice that, despite your tradesmen’s varied roles, the people involved in the… Read more

SkyLofts Top Conversion Tips

1. Do your research: Make sure your loft is suitable for a conversion. There is not much point in putting a load of preparation in only to find out at the last minute that you can’t go ahead. SkyLofts can easily recommend if your property is suitable for a loft conversion. 2. Find the right… Read more

SkyLofts Guide To Party Wall Agreements

Anyone contemplating a loft conversion especially in a semi-detached or terrace house is obliged under the terms of the The Party Wall Act 1996 to notify their adjoining neighbours.  Before you do any work on a loft conversion that will impact on a wall that you share with a neighbour, you should find out if… Read more

Traditional Pricing Vs Skyloft Pricing

SkyLofts provide all our customers with a professional, but personal approach when it comes to our design and build service. Our professional team include professional architectural designers, qualified RICS structural engineers, surveyors, loft estimators, project managers and specialist trade people and loft teams, all working together to provide SkyLofts customers with a model that makes converting… Read more

What To Expect During A Loft Conversion

So, you have decided to convert your loft and now want to know what happens. We’ve pulled together this handy step by step guide that shows you what to expect during a loft conversion. Stage One:   An inspection by SkyLofts specialists of the inside of the roof space provided the home owners as to… Read more

Why Hiring A Professional Loft Conversion Company Is So Important

Loft Conversion Company An experienced loft conversion company can offer you with very detailed information surrounding your loft. Such as the potential designs and elements required for your conversion and where best to place your new staircase. Along with the type of conversion best suited to both the inside and outside of your home. All… Read more