Here at SkyLofts most of our customers are now interested in opening up their loft space, even more. Loft conversion balcony windows are a great option and Velux offer two options, the CABRIO Balcony System and the Roof Terrace which increase space and allows for even more sunshine and fresh air in your conversion.

Their innovative balcony system adds air, light and a great view to a loft conversion on a roof with a pitch between 35-53 degrees, by combining sloping and vertical elements together. The top-hung sections also rotate 180 degrees for easy cleaning.

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CABRIO Balcony 

The CABRIO Balcony system fits snugly into the roof when closed, but when open it becomes an instant balcony. It can be combined with Top-Hung roof windows and fixed bottom elements to offer extra views, ventilation and daylight.

This System comes with safety glazing, which combines a toughened outer pane with a laminated inner pane to ensure additional safety. The clear and clean coating on the outer pane also keeps the glazing cleaner for longer.

  • Window opens out into an instant balcony in seconds.
  • A stunning addition to your property, bringing in extra daylight and a stunning floor-to-ceiling view.
  • The lower section comes with safety glass to reduce the risk of injury.
  • The upper section has all the benefits of our standard Top-Hung GPL roof window.
  • Can be used as an emergency exit.

Roof Terrace 

Even if the floor space in your loft’s limited, you can still enjoy the flow of space and light a balcony brings. Built directly into the lowest part of your roof, the Roof Terrace helps make the most of your unused roof space without compromising the size of your living space.

This solution offers direct access to the outside in a style of its own.

  • Sophisticated design with floor to ceiling views and maximum daylight.
  • Upper windows have the same features as our GPL Top-Hung roof window.
  • Lower windows can open from the left (VEA) or right (VEB).
  • Uninterrupted views of the upper windows Top-Hung function and large 45° opening angle.
  • Convenient handle at the bottom of the window.
  • Can be used as an emergency exit.
  • The window swivels 180º in its frame for easy and safe cleaning.

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