Stuart – SkyLofts Company Director

“I’ve always had a passion for the building industry and enjoyed being involved in loft conversions. So starting up my own company was inevitable and a couple of years ago I decided to create SkyLofts. 

At SkyLofts we work together every day striving for excellence. Our fantastic local customer base, are friendly, nice to work with and give us great social backing. We thrive on building beautiful lofts for growing families that enjoy the extra space SkyLofts has created for them.

At SkyLofts, we understand how important your decision is when choosing the right company because you want to feel comfortable working with someone. Especially if they are doing building work on your home! SkyLofts place great importance, on the quality of all our loft conversions once completed, but equally the journey you experience with us when undergoing your conversion and the relationship between client and company from start to finish. We are extremely passionate about offering our customers a build process that is effortless from start to finish. 

Our first commercial project took place last year, where we converted our local doctor’s surgery. It was a very exciting time for everyone at SkyLoft’s and it builds on what is important to us. Creating a local loft conversion company, one that the people of Surrey and Hampshire can trust. We are still young, but we thrive on improving customer service and I am very much looking forward to what the next few years hold”

 – Stuart Wyeth