What are TeleBeams?

A telebeam is a strong, telescopic aluminum beam which provides support for the new floor load and existing roof load.

How Does It Work?

Where roof trusses work on a ‘Load Sharing’ system, TeleBeam extends this concept further by employing two beams to help the truss carry its existing roof load plus the additional floor load as a result of the conversion. This approach minimises loss of headroom. The beams are telescopic and adjust to the span of the building and work for any roof pitch. They span from outside wall to outside wall and do not rely on any internal support.

SkyLofts started using TeleBeams in 2015 as an alternative method to steel beams. As a brand new, and completely individual product – it’s attractive bespoke and completely adaptable system is becoming ever popular in modern properties with roof trusses and a traditional cut roof.

Advantages Of Using TeleBeams:

– TeleBeams have LABC approval, therefore, no engineers fees

-The beans can be easily lifted so no cranes are needed

-Quick and easy to install

-Straight and the same height, no timber joist shrinkage so no creaking floors

-No party wall problems

-No gable wall holes, padstones, heavy steels, fabrication or making good

-Can be used in timber frame construction as loads are spread evenly

-Provides both floor and roof support and support to the ceiling

-Usually installed in one to two days

-No temporary support is required

-Improved Health and Safety and Welfare on site

For more information or to enquire about a TeleBeam Loft Conversion call us on 01252 500 872 or fill out our form and one of our loft consultants will be in touch.