Here at SkyLofts we always ensure our customers have a loft conversion checklist to work with and we felt it only fair to share. Below we have listed the things you should consider when thinking of undertaking a loft conversion.

Before The Loft Conversion Work Starts 

-First of all you need to check to see that your home is suitable for a loft conversion and has adequate roof height. We’ve put together an easy video to show you. But as a rough guide, if you can stand up in your loft at its highest point then your loft should be suitable for a conversion. If you have a tape measure to hand then you can measure from the floor to the highest point of your loft ceiling and if it reaches 2.3m in height then your loft should be adequate. If in doubt call a specialist loft company like us, who can come out and tell you immediately if it is suitable.

-Plan what you would like to include, will your loft extension become a master bedroom with en-suite? Or A home office? A Bedroom for the kids? Let us inspire you some more, by checking out some of the ideas our customers have come up with here.

-Decide where you would like lights, switches, sockets etc. As it is expensive to move electrics once the rooms have been plastered. Consider things such as, where will you place your bed? Will you want lights by your bed? Consider sockets for appliances such as hair dryers and shavers. At SkyLofts we provide you with a final decision meeting, where we sit down together and go through all of these decisions with you.

-Loft conversions are regularly cited by leading Mortgage companies as the best way to increase a properties value. Talk to an estate agent and have them round to discuss your properties current value and what they feel the loft conversion will increase it by.  As an example check out our case study on two houses for sale one with a loft and one without.

-Understand how much you would like to spend and realistically what funds you can obtain if you are struggling to get all of the money in place, check out the finance options we have available.

-Decide on your specialist contractor, it is always worth choosing a company that specialises in loft conversions. They will have a full understanding of planning permission, party wall agreements, and building regulations when it comes to converting loft

-Obtain a building regulation approval notice. Your loft conversion specialist should do this on your behalf.

-Ask your contractor for an estimated time from start to finish for your loft conversion

During The Conversion of Your Loft 

-We have pulled together a step by step guide of what to expect during your loft conversion here.

-Expect regular visits from a building control officer and here’s why.

-Keep a tight check on your budget.

After Your Loft Conversion Is Completed  

-Expect a final visit from a building control office and ask for a completion certificate to be issued. This is always great to have when you decide to sell your house in the future.

-Pay your loft conversion specialist any remaining balance in full, once all snagging has been completed and ask for any guarantees to be issued.

-Have an estate agent round again to revalue your home. It’s always nice to see how much value you have added

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