When it comes to any form of home improvements, inspiration can come from many different sources and when planning a loft conversion this is no exception.  Here are a few of the ways SkyLofts help our customers in getting the inspiration they need to fulfil their loft dreams.


Home and DIY magazines are always a good place to start and provide many inspirational ideas in terms of colour schemes and layouts for your loft conversion rooms.  Even second hand copies that friends no longer need are a great way to get loft conversion and interior design ideas.



There are many great television shows on at the moment that could provide you with ideas for your loft conversion.  Channel 4 is always the best place for home improvement and development programmes.  Here at SkyLofts our personal favourites for inspiration are Grand Designs and Sarah Beeny’s brilliant Double Your House For Half The Money.

Double your house  


Another great way to collate ideas is to set up a Pinterest account.  This online memo board is great and allows you to pin things to your own board and create a place for all your loft conversion ideas, check out SkyLofts on Pinterest.



Along with SkyLofts own blog there are lots of other people pulling together all the latest design and home interior trends so it is well worth checking these out for some inspiration. SkyLofts favourites are http://trendland.com/ http://www.pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk/ and http://www.happyinteriorblog.com/




Maybe your neighbours have recently had work done to their property, if so it is worth asking them if you can come and take a peek.  Chances are, if they have just had a lovely new loft conversion then they will want to show it off.


SkyLofts Previous Customers

We have plenty of past loft conversions that our customers would be happy for you to see, giving you a few inspirational ideas. If you would like to view some of our loft conversions please contact us on info@skylofts.co.uk and we will be happy to arrange a viewing. We also have lots of inspirational blogs for you to view.


What ever your loft inspiration, SkyLofts can help this dream become a reality. If you are considering a loft conversion in Surrey, Hampshire or South West London then please contact SkyLofts on 01252 500 872 or email info@skylofts.co.uk to help move your loft dream in the right direction.