With the housing market recovering from difficult times and mortgages not easily accessible to many of us, a lot of home owners are looking for ways to improve their current home. This could be through redecorating or remodelling an existing room. Maybe installing a new kitchen or bathroom. There are many ways to revamp your home, but one of the most rewarding options is a loft conversion which allows you to take advantage of a whole new level of extra space.

Below are a few of the main benefits from having your loft converted:

Extra SpaceLoft Conversion Camberley

If your family is growing and you feel that you need extra space for tiny feet, or that you need a room dedicated to quiet time and relaxation then a loft conversion could be the answer. Even if you just need the storage space, having your loft professionally converted with SkyLofts will maximise your loft potential.


Easier and Cheaper Than Moving

Moving to a larger house might be your ultimate dream, but for a lot of people the money, time and stress involved puts this out of reach. A loft conversion is an alternative option that is cheaper, quicker and much less fuss than relocating and  you still feel like you own a new home once its complete. SkyLofts have researched the cost of moving to a larger house versus converting your loft, you can find this case study by clicking here.

Increase Your Homes Value

A loft conversions can add great value to your home, so when you decide to move you could get a better return on your property with a converted loft then without. Even with the initial building cost and additional expenses considered, having the extra space of a loft conversion can bring excellent returns on investment.

A Loft Conversion Is Easier Than You Think

Most of the time no planning permission is required and it takes SkyLofts between 8-10 weeks to convert a loft, depending on size and specification. So before you know it you can be enjoying your new bedroom, office, bathroom or playroom.

From the above benefits of aloft conversion it is no wonder that millions of Loft Conversion Camberleyhomeowners have already utilised their roof cavity to get more space out of their property. Whatever your reasons for wanting a loft conversion it is sure to enhance your enjoyment of your home and its value.

Please contact SkyLofts who operate in Surrey, Hampshire and Southwest London Post codes for more information on loft conversions by calling 01252 500 872 or by simply emailing info@skylofts.co.uk