What is a side dormer? A side dormer is when the hipped roof on the side of the property is built off the side wall to incorporate additional head height.

What Is A Side Dormer Diagram

The side dormer can be built with a flat or pitched roof. This normally depends on the height of the loft and the style that you prefer. A side dormer loft conversion is a great way of utilising space. Especially when the property has a side facing slope.

The best-built dormers, whether you require a side or rear dormer are when they are built to be kept in the original surroundings. This means that the new dormer is matched to the original property as best as possible. You need to take into consideration the style of gutters, tiles, windows etc.

The quality of roofing materials used on dormers can vary considerably. You only have to look at other side dormer conversion to see who has used a lesser company. And who has paid slightly more to have a professional loft carried out. Side dormers are a great way of achieving additional space when your ridge is running from the front to the back of your property.

Hip To Gable or Side Dormer?

Some customers decide to go with a side dormer instead of a hip to gable because they feel that the hip to gable can be too top heavy, or not look in keeping with the original property. This can be true in some cases, but normally a hip to gable would be recommended. SkyLofts will offer to design both options for you. Should you be undecided about the two options, as part of our service with our design and build service.

When the side dormer is facing a public highway or if you have a neighbour’s garden next to your property, under the permitted development rules you will need to adhere to the regulations. This means installing obscure windows, fixed up to 1.7meters high. So you can have an opening window but this design will usually be a top fan light. This is to allow some air into the room and prevent you from looking into your neighbours garden.  This also applies to roof lights as well. Obscure roof lights are a special order so once your designs signed off, we will order the size of roof light for you.

Please check out this video of a side dormer SkyLofts completed in Eastleigh, Hampshire. 

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