SkyLofts are proud to be able to offer our customers the benefits of an integrated project team who all work together ensuring that their loft conversion journey from initial concept to final build is as simple, and stress-free as possible. At SkyLofts we provide our customers with professional professional architectural designers, qualified RICS structural engineers, surveyors, loft estimators, project managers and specialist trade people and loft teams. This structure means that SkyLofts are able to see a project as a whole from the outset, giving us the ability to foresee potential problems and prevent theses from arising.

With over ten years of loft conversion experience in Surrey, Hampshire and South west London, SkyLofts are able to guide our customers through the planning laws of the local boroughs. We understand how these laws will affect our customers in the real world. This knowledge is of practical importance to our Architects as it allows them to design projects with planning laws in mind. This ensures that your dreams of the perfect loft conversion will not be scuppered by planning laws.

Having specialists from multiple disciplines under one roof enables us to manage projects efficiently and effectively. This is of particular importance for residential conversions where we strive to keep disruption to a minimum. Our structural engineers work in line with our Architects to bring your loft designs to life, and our experienced project managers make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible keeping you informed every step of the way.

Loft Conversion companies that do not provide the benefits of an integrated team are unable to offer such a smooth service. Housing all experts under one roof means that SkyLofts can address any problems that our customers encounter immediately. If a loft conversion is split between architects from one firm and project managed by another, this opens up opportunities for important information to take time to filter through to the right people and mistakes to be made, adding time to your loft conversion process. As SkyLofts is one team we react quickly to our customers’ needs and solve their problems and concerns as soon as they become apparent.

SkyLofts customers are always our first concern and when you choose us to build your loft conversion we will do all the legwork for you.

If you would like to find out more about working with SkyLofts and are interested in having a loft conversion built in the Surrey, Hampshire and South West London area then please contact us on 01252 500 872 or email