“Once my wife had decided a loft conversion is what we needed she went through the usual rigmarole of meeting builders and getting quotes, but once she had her initial meeting with Stuart, her mind was made up. “You have to meet him Darren, he’s great”. After 5 minutes I was convinced too. Stuart is in my opinion a very genuine guy. He told us what we could and couldn’t do with the extension and advised us of benefits of room configuration and such. Stuart’s knowledge of the building trade is exemplary. If I thought Lindsey was a big fan of Stuart, he was eclipsed by Dan. Dan was our main guy on site and he and his team were fantastic. There were additional jobs we asked for along the way (there always is with my wife) and they were accommodating from the off. I can honestly say that my general view of the building trade is somewhat untrusting. However I would recommend Skylofts in a heartbeat”