“Mid 2014 we made the decision to extend our home to give us some extra space and added value to the property as our children were growing fast! We looked around and spoke to a few loft companies and were surprised by the variance in quotations and services that were being offered. Skylofts kept appearing on my Facebook through friends and family so I decided to get Stuart out to take a look at our plans which we had independently had drawn up.

From the offset Stuart was very pro-active in looking at the property and the proposed plans and offered some great advice which made us feel at ease with the firm straight away. After a few emails to confirm numbers we decided from our gut feeling to go with Skylofts. As soon as we signed with skylofts even though we hadn’t had them draw up the plans Stuart arranged for his architect to look over our drawings. Thank goodness he did as he resolved and spotted so many basic errors at an early stage of the development rather than having the pain later on in the build.

After that we were introduced to the team and Matt who would be heading up the build, from day 1 the team worked extremely hard to hit deadlines Throughout the build working through all kinds of weather to make sure the build was completed on time. I have no other word for Matt and the team other than fantastic, he worked with me and his team constantly to make sure everything was correct down to the finest details. Any issues were quickly resolved and generally down to poor drawings so my recommendation is use skylofts to do your Drawings\organise your whole project they know what they are doing with their years of experience.

Our end result is a fantastic bedroom with a great en-suite all of which has added more value to our house then we spent out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family and in fact already Have. I can see them growing very fast as a business as their key ethic is customer service and reliability – a rare thing in todays world.”

Great job guys! Many thanks, the Darrah family!


master bedroom loft conversion