“If you read no further than the first sentence of this review then the message is: Use Skylofts and have no worries about the decision!

We needed to have an extra bedroom and moving wasn’t an option so we decided on loft conversion. We had 2 architects come and look at options; one refused to consider a conversion and the other recommended we use a specialist loft conversion company. So we had 3 loft companies come out – Skylofts stood head and shoulders above the others. Stu’s enthusiasm, experience and knowledge shone through the first couple of meetings and our confidence in them grew with each meeting. However, due to my cynical nature, a voice in the back of my head kept reminding me that this was a sales pitch and “he would say that wouldn’t he?”… They couldn’t possibly live up to the hype.. but we decided to go ahead and engage Skylofts and we’re extremely glad we did.

From Day 1 on site they surpassed our expectations. Matt and Aaron turned up about 10.00 and by 14.00 they had cut a hole in the roof and were banging about in the loft. Throughout the build, the pair of them became part of the family. They were polite, considerate, hard-working and a joy to have in our home – even helping our children carry their bikes down the driveway!

Having major work performed on your home is a daunting experience, but Skylofts made it a pleasure – yes, there is disruption (and dust!.. So much dust..) but the¬†enthusiasm, care and professionalism Skylofts¬†demonstrate minimise the angst. They just exude a quiet confidence that they know what they’re doing and know they do it well. On a number of occasions Matt approached us to suggest ideas/alternatives that enhanced the final build and added that special “something” to make a good loft conversion into something breathtaking.

There were issues and snags (and leaks!) along the way, but Skylofts response was always to support and help us through it (including Matt turning up at 11.00 one Friday night and spend a couple of hours dealing with a major roof leak during heavy rainfall – outstanding and beyond the call of duty). Mike, the Operations Director was always available to help us and was frequently on site to ensure we were happy.

6 weeks later, we had a bedroom, ensuite bathroom and study space plus some storage! It looks stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the result – it has enhanced our house beyond our dreams and is a wonderful space to be in.

I should also mention Lawrence from Infinite Heating, who Skylofts recommended to us for the heating conversion. This was a very tricky job to complete and needed very close liaison between Skylofts and Infinite Heating which all happened seamlessly and we now have a superb upgraded heating system (with Nest remote control via Smartphone.. nice!)

All in all, Skylofts DID live up to the hype and more. Stu really IS that enthusiastic about lofts and genuinely cares about giving customers, not only the best loft conversion possible, but ensuring the process of planning, building and living through the conversion is as stress-free as is possible.
If you’re thinking about having a loft conversion and agonising over who to use – make is easy on yourself and just select Skylofts. I never give maximum points on reviews etc but I don’t hesitate to give Skylofts 5 out of 5. Trust them – they really do know what they are doing.”